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  • What's Taking So Long?
    What's Taking So Long?

    As a Kansas City personal injury attorney , I handle all of my cases on a contingency fee basis. Under this arrangement, my fee is collected at the end of the case, at the same time my clients get ...

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  • Premises Liability and Waivers in Apartment Leases
    Premises Liability and Waivers in Apartment Leases

    Apartments leases sometimes have clauses in them that try to limit or prohibit your rights to recover from your landlord in premises liability incidents in the common areas of your apartment complex. ...

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  • Jury Selection
    Jury Selection

    Jury selection, called voir dire, is probably the most important part of any Missouri personal injury jury trial. Jury selection is the part of the trial where you pick your jury from a panel of ...

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  • Jury Trials - The Basics
    Jury Trials - The Basics

    If your personal injury case is one of the few that can't settle, then you will have to have a trial to determine if the defendant is liable for your injuries and how much compensation you are ...

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  • Vexatious Refusal
    Vexatious Refusal

    What happens when your own insurance company denies your claim when your house is robbed, burned or otherwise damaged? What rights do you have to recover for your loss from your own insurance company? ...

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  • Mediation vs. Arbitration
    Mediation vs. Arbitration

    The vast majority of personal injury cases settle before trial. Nearly as many settle even before a lawsuit is ever filed. Two of the most common ways cases are settled is mediation and arbitration. ...

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