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Submit Your Medical Bills to Your Health Insurance Carrier as They are Incurred

In most Missouri personal injury cases, you should submit your medical bills to your own health insurance carrier as they are incurred. This is because the responsible party does not have an obligation to pay your medical costs as they are incurred, but rather at the end of the case, as discussed below. In order to avoid having your medical charges remain unpaid and taking a hit on your credit score, submit them to your own insurance company.

The cost of your medical care will be included in any settlement demands or in a request to the jury if your case can't be settled. But this doesn't happen until the end of your case, well after you are released from further medical care. Ideally, you will be reimbursed for this as well as your other damages at settlement or at trial. Until that time, though, you should certainly submit your doctor's bills to your own insurance company to avoid the problems discussed above.

Sometimes there will be special type of insurance proceeds available to cover a limited amount of medical charges. The insurance, called med-pay, covers a specific location such as your car or a business' premises, and usually does not require proving fault. The money available from these policies is usually small and gets paid directly to your health care providers. When it's available, you should submit your medical charges to the med-pay insurance company until the limits have been exhausted. After that, all medical charges should be submitted to your own health insurance company.

If you have been injured in a car accident or have a premises liability case and have questions about your medical bills, please contact me. As a Kansas City personal injury attorney, I have a experience in Missouri personal injury law and am very familiar with the issues on who should pay for your medical charges.