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Representation for Victims of T-Bone Accidents

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T-bone accidents, also known as side-impact collisions, can often lead to serious injuries. These types of auto accidents occur when the front of one car collides into the side of another. If you or a loved one have been injured due to the negligence of another driver, it is important to speak with experienced legal counsel as soon as possible.

The Kansas City car accident lawyers at our firm can assess your situation and make sure that you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries. As a victim of a T-bone accident, Meyerkord, Russell & Hergott can help you learn more about your options and get started toward an end result that is in your best interests.

Common Causes of T-Bone Accidents

These types of accidents can happen in an instant and cause serious injury to the other driver involved. They often occur because of a negligent, distracted or reckless driver.

Common instances of T-bone accidents include:

  • Running through a stop sign
  • Texting while driving
  • Driving at dangerous speeds
  • Failing to notice someone pulling out of a driveway
  • Speeding through a red light
  • Other serious occurrences

Speak with a Kansas City auto accident lawyer about your options today!

No matter how moderate or severe the injuries and damages of a T-bone accident may be, it is important to speak with a Kansas City injury attorney as soon as possible. As the victim in this scenario, our law firm is determined to get you the compensation you deserve.

This compensation can help you pay for:

  • Medical bills
  • Therapy sessions
  • Time off for recovery

We are determined to provide you with the resources and knowledge you need to effectively and promptly handle your car accident case. Call Meyerkord, Russell & Hergott to get the compassionate and effective representation that you deserve!

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  • $345 Thousand Automobile Collision
  • $300 Thousand Medical Malpractice, Federal Tort Claim
  • $300 Thousand Wrongful Death
  • $250 Thousand Slip & Fall, City Crosswalk
  • $250 Thousand Third Party Negligence/Homeowners/Dog Leash Injury
  • $250 Thousand Car Crash
  • $225 Thousand Car Accident
  • $225 Thousand Intentional Assault
  • $225 Thousand Premises Liability, Trip And Fall On Stairs With No Handrail
  • $210 Thousand Tractor-Trailer Accident
  • $200 Thousand Car Accident, Rear-End Collision
  • $200 Thousand Car Accident, Rear-End Collision
  • $199 Thousand Slip & Fall
  • $195 Thousand Slip & Fall
  • $195 Thousand Car Accident, Ran A Red Light
  • $195 Thousand Medical Malpractice
  • $195 Thousand Medical Malpractice
  • $178 Thousand Medical Transport Injury
  • $175 Thousand Inadequate Security
  • $175 Thousand Slip & Fall
  • $147 Thousand Premises Liability
  • $135 Thousand Car Accident
  • $135 Thousand Slip & Fall
  • $133 Thousand Premises Liability, Trip And Fall
  • $130 Thousand Car Accident
  • $125 Thousand Premises Liability
  • $125 Thousand Uninsured Motorist Claim
  • $125 Thousand Uninsured Motorist Claim, Log Through Windshield
  • $122 Thousand Premises Liability
  • $120 Thousand Trucking Accident
  • $115 Thousand Car Accident, Uninsured Motorist
  • $111 Thousand Inadequate Security
  • $108 Thousand Premises Liability, Trip & Fall
  • $103 Thousand Car And Pedestrain Accident, Hit And Run
  • $100 Thousand Car And Pedestrain Accident, Hit And Run
  • $100 Thousand Car Accident, Policy Limits
  • $100 Thousand Automobile Collision
  • $100 Thousand Car Accident
  • $100 Thousand Car Accident
  • $100 Thousand Motor Vehicle Accident Claim
  • $100 Thousand Dog Bite
  • $100 Thousand Railroad Injury
  • $100 Thousand UTV Rollover
  • $75 Thousand Truck Crash