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  • Negligent Entrustment
    Negligent Entrustment

    Sometimes personal injury accidents are caused by someone who shouldn't be using a certain product or driving a car in the first place. For example, a car accident might be caused by someone who ...

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  • Unpaid Medical Bills
    Unpaid Medical Bills

    A common concern of my personal injury victims is whether they will owe anything for their medical bills when their case is over. The answer depends on whether the health care provider or health ...

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  • Police Reports and Car Crashes
    Police Reports and Car Crashes

    One of the most important pieces of evidence in car accident cases is the police report. It provides a number of key facts about how an accident happened and who was involved. It is also the ...

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  • School Immunity
    School Immunity

    As a subdivision of the state, public schools in Missouri have sovereign immunity. This means they can't be sued in personal injury cases. However, as with many rules in the law, there are exceptions. ...

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  • How Long Will My Case Take?
    How Long Will My Case Take?

    One of the most pressing concerns my personal injury clients often have is how long their case will take. To give a very lawyerly response, it depends. If personal injury cases are not able to settle, ...

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  • Black Boxes in Cars
    Black Boxes in Cars

    Like airplanes, most modern cars have "black boxes" that record information prior to an accident. These devices, called Event Data Recorders, are crash resistant and store various types of data from ...

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