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Negligent Entrustment

Sometimes personal injury accidents are caused by someone who shouldn't be using a certain product or driving a car in the first place. For example, a car accident might be caused by someone who didn't have a driver's license, or a fireworks accident might be caused by a child who is too young to use fireworks. Such personal injury accidents may give rise to liability on the part of the person who owns or is responsible for the thing causing injury.

For example, if person A loans their car to a person B whose license has been revoked because he or she has received too many DWI's, and person A knew person B didn't have a license, person A may be responsible for any accident caused by person B. This is true even though person A wasn't even driving the car.

The reasoning behind this rule is that someone who owns something should not turn that object or item over to someone who shouldn't be using it. It can apply to all sorts of cases where there is some sort of thing that causes injury, such as a car, fireworks, or a gun. If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident or by someone's misuse of a product, you may have a negligent entrustment case. If you would like more information or to know whether you have such a case, please contact our office to speak with a knowledgeable and experienced Kansas City personal injury attorney today.