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More than 40,000 people were killed on roadways last year, a 6% increase from 2015.[i] Of these deaths, many were caused by distracted driving. Distracted driving fatalities continue to rise at a greater percentage than those caused by drunk driving, speeding and failure to wear a seatbelt.

Distracted driving accidents, injuries and deaths are 100% preventable.

At any given daylight moment, 660,000 drivers are using cell phones or manipulating electronic devices. Drivers talking on phones (even hands-free) miss seeing up to 50% of what is around them, including other drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists.[ii] And in the time it takes to send the average text message (5 seconds), at 55mph a driver can cover the length of a football field.[iii]

We are committed to raising awareness and educating the public about the dangers of distracted driving so that all forms of this dangerous habit are eliminated. This change starts with you, so here are some practical ways you can #JustDriveKC and make the change to be a safer, more responsible driver.

Take the Pledge

Click here to take the pledge to Just Drive, avoiding all forms of distracted driving for your safety and the safety of those around you.

Schedule a Presentation

Want someone from Meyerkord Russell & Hergott to come speak to your group about the dangers of distracted driving and practical ways to avoid it?

Contact us today to schedule a free presentation perfect for schools, community groups and drivers of all ages.

Use Tips to Avoid Distracted Driving

Commit to improving the safety of drivers, passenger and bystanders by leveraging these simple tips for preventing yourself from distraction behind the wheel.

  1. PUT YOUR PHONE IN THE TRUNK. There’s no better way to ensure you stay off your phone than by keeping it out of reach.
  2. DESIGNATE A TEXTER. If you have a passenger, ask that person to be your phone handler and address any issues that arise.
  3. PULL OVER. If you must use your phone, update your GPS, or take care of your child while driving, pull over. Schedule breaks for longer drives.
  4. GET A RIDE. Consider employing a service like a taxi, Uber or Lyft to free you from the need to focus on the road.
  5. KNOW WHAT DISTRACTED DRIVING DOES TO YOUR ATTENTION. Studies have shown that distracted driving is more dangerous than drunk driving.
  6. TAKE A STAND. Change your voicemail to include a message like “I may be driving right now, in which case I will return your call as soon as I stop.” Don’t call family and friends if you know that they are driving.

Share on Social Media

Use the hashtag #JustDriveKC to join the movement to end distracted driving. Share why you are taking a stand against distracted driving, or post an infographic to educate people on distracted driving.

Infographics courtesy of the National Safety Council.

Talk to Your Teen

Did you know that 58% of teens involved in accidents were distracted?[iv] When it’s time for your teen to get behind the wheel, talk to them about safe driving behaviors, including eliminating dangerous distractions. Be clear about the dangers and consequences of distracted driving and empower them to stand up to friends engaging in risky driving behavior.

Download the Safe Driving Kit for Employers

The National Safety Council provides a free Safe Driving Kit for employers, safety and HR professionals to provide to employees. Download the kit here.

[i] Source: National Safety Council.

[ii] Source: National Safety Council.

[iii] Source: Virginia Tech Transportation Institute.

[iv] Source: National Organization for Youth Safety.

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