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The difficulty of recovering from a personal injury cannot be overestimated. You shouldn't have to live with the consequences of someone else’s actions, and our firm is here to do everything we can to ensure that doesn’t happen. We are prepared to fight aggressively for just compensation. Our Kansas City, MO personal injury firm works on a no recovery, no fee basis, offering the personal, passionate service you deserve.

We encourage you to speak with an attorney from Meyerkord, Russell & Hergott. This is the first and most important step in your pursuit of justice. Well-versed in personal injury law, we proudly dedicate our entire practice to this significant area. Individuals and families have found a way to enjoy life again after obtaining successful case results with the assistance of our firm.

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Are You Suffering Because of Someone Else’s Negligence?

Personal injury cases are unlike any other legal matters because they are just that—personal. Victims suffer for years, often silently and completely on their own. At Meyerkord, Russell & Hergott, we took it up on ourselves to change this.

At our personal injury firm, we believe that No Accident Victim Should Go Without an Advocate.

We Have Spent 20+ Years Taking on This Role for Injured People Throughout Missouri.

In the midst of medical bills, rehabilitation, and emotional trauma, you have no time left to chase down insurance companies for the compensation you deserve. Turn to our Kansas City injury lawyers, and let us handle the heavy lifting for you. From start to finish of your case, we’re committed to going the distance for you.

The Sooner You Call, the Sooner We Can Help

Whether from embarrassment or lack of time, many victims fail to retain legal help in a timely fashion after their accident. This will only serve to weak the success of your case. Many personal injury claims are placed on a time limit by Missouri law, causing you to lose compensation if you miss the deadline. Today is the most important time to take action for a better tomorrow.

Call an attorney today or email us now for a free initial consultation! With contingency fee arrangements, working with our firm is truly risk free.

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