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The Contingent Fee and How it Benefits You

As a Kansas City personal injury attorney, the entirety of my practice is contingency cases. Generally speaking, this is where my fee is a percentage of the money I recover for you at the end of your case. My recovery is contingent upon your recovery. If I don't recover any money for you, you generally don't pay me a fee. And, I don't make a fee until there is monetary recovery in your case.

This benefits my clients in a number of ways. For one, since I don't make a fee until the end of the case and unless there is a recovery, I move my cases towards resolution as quickly as possible. I have developed methods to quicken the usually long process of personal injury claims and litigation and can prosecute a case from start to finish quicker than most other attorneys.

Another benefit to my clients is that because my fee is a percentage of the money I recover for you, the more money I make for you, the higher my fee. I do everything I can to maximize that recovery. This includes honing my trial skills, continually educating myself in new methods of practice, and generally making myself a better attorney and putting out the highest quality work. Both me and my client benefit from being the best lawyer I can.

Finally, another benefit to my clients is that there is no up-front costs. In fact, if there is never a recovery, in most cases you would never owe me anything. This means that anyone can hire me as their personal injury attorney, regardless of wealth.

If you think you have a personal injury case and would like to know more about the contingency fee system, please feel free to call at any time.