Licensed in Missouri and Kansas

Donating to Charities

As a Kansas City personal injury attorney, I recently enacted a firm-wide policy of donating 5% of every fee to charity. Giving is important to me and this commitment is something I feel strongly about. Because I am starting this practice early in my career, my relatively small five percent donations will add up over time and truly make a difference in the greater Kansas City community. I plan to continue my commitment throughout the length of my career, and hopefully by the time I retire, I will have made a significant impact on local charities.

Not only do I donate 5% of my fee to charity, but I actively encourage my clients to match my donation. Often times when they hear of my commitment they are happy to contribute a portion of their settlement. When making my donation, I try and choose a charity relevant to the case and one that is important to my clients. For instance, one of my recent donations was to Mothers Against Drunk Driving following a case in which my client was injured by the fault of a person driving under the influence.

My commitment to donating five percent of every fee is one that is close to my heart. I feel compelled to give back when I have been so fortunate to have the opportunity to start and grow my business. I know that the five percent is an investment and will pay dividends to the people in my community.