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Not wearing a seatbelt is surprisingly common. When you are in a car accident in Kansas City as a result of someone else's fault, but you are not wearing a seatbelt, there will be legal consequences on your civil or workers' compensation case, in addition to physical consequences as well. The physical consequences are much more serious than the legal consequences.

Most people are surprised to find out that in Missouri, in civil lawsuits arising out of a car accident, the legal consequences of your failure to wear a seatbelt is a 1% reduction in compensation. Practically speaking however, your failure to wear a seatbelt will have far worse effects on your case. If you have to try your case to a jury, this evidence can cause you to lose credibility with a jury and make it harder to win. Outside of filing suit, it can also make settlement negotiations difficult because it weakens your position.

However, if you were in a car accident while on the job and you weren't wearing a seatbelt, the consequences in your workers' compensation case could be much harsher. Most work places have policies requiring the use of seatbelts while on the job. If your work has such a policy and you weren't wearing your seatbelt, your compensation could be reduced between 25 and 50%.

The physical consequences of not wearing a seatbelt are obviously far worse than the legal consequences. Without a seatbelt, your accident will result in far worse injuries, and oftentimes, death. An article in the Kansas City Star today shows the consequences of not wearing a seatbelt. In this accident, a young lady was thrown from the car. The article can be found here. If she had been wearing a seatbelt, she most likely would not have been thrown from the car.

Please wear a seatbelt and avoid the legal and physical consequences that come with not wearing one.

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