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Vexatious Refusal

What happens when your own insurance company denies your claim when your house is robbed, burned or otherwise damaged? What rights do you have to recover for your loss from your own insurance company? In Missouri, the answer is a claim of vexatious refusal.

Missouri law provides a cause of action against your own insurance company called vexatious refusal when they wrongfully deny your claim. The statute allows you to recover not only the value of your loss, but also attorney's fees and other penalties.

Let me use as an example a real case I have right now. My clients' house got burglarized and they submitted a claim for the value of their stolen goods to their insurance company. Their insurance company not only denied the claim, but accused my clients of fraud saying they set he whole thing up. My clients have never missed a premium in the ten or so years they've had their policy and there is no evidence of fraud whatsoever.

My clients hired me to sue their insurance company under a claim of vexatious refusal and fight for their rights in court.

If you feel your claim has been wrongfully denied by your insurance company, please contact me to talk about your rights. As a Kansas City personal injury attorney, I can advise you on whether you have a vexatious refusal claim.