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Preventable Crimes

There have been far too many stories in the news in the Kansas City area of violent crimes at convenience stores. The most recent story can be found here. I recently updated my Kansas City personal injury website and added a blog entry regarding security cases. As a Kansas City inadequate security lawyer, I make it my mission to force these store to own up to their responsibility to their customers and provide security.

If a store has been the site of prior crime, or if the store is in a high crime area, then it must provide enough security to prevent crimes on its premises. These convenience stores are no different. If adequate security is cost prohibitive, then these stores should not be open. They can't shirk their responsibility to protect their customers. There's a chance these deaths could have been prevented had these stores provided adequate security measures such as security guards.

If they do, and some gets hurt or killed, as was the case recently in Kansas City, then the convenience stores may be liable for the wrongful death of the victim. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a crime at a convenience store or other business, then please contact my firm. I am a Kansas City personal injury attorney with experience handling inadequate security cases.