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Structured Settlements

If your personal injury case settles or you get money from a judgment, instead of getting the settlement funds in one lump sum, you can put the money into an annuity called a structured settlement. A structured settlement works just like an investment, except the payments are typically guaranteed and tax free. This can be a very good alternative to getting the money in a lump sum.

Structured settlements are also great because the terms are highly flexible. For example, if your minor son or daughter is injured in a personal injury accident and gets a monetary settlement from the liable party, the money can go into a structured settlement that can pay out when your son or daughter turns 18, 21, or 25. Even better, the amount of interest such a structured settlement can generate means the actual amount of money your son or daughter gets is much higher than the settlement amount.

Another example of a good structured settlement is one that is arranged to supplement your income on a monthly or yearly basis. Instead of getting a lump sum up front, you can structure the settlement so you are paid a certain amount over a 10- or even 20-year period. Or you can set it up to get half the settlement money now, then half in a structure.

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