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Inadequate Security

In Missouri, businesses must make their premises safe for their customers. They not only have to protect them from slipping and falling or tripping and falling, but also from crimes committed on their property. However, this duty only arises if there's been enough prior crime to put them on notice that such instances are foreseeable.

For example, if a convenience store in a bad neighborhood has been robbed or held up a number of times, then that convenience store must take steps to protect its customers from other crime. This is generally done by providing uniformed security guards. The level of protection to prevent crimes depends on the nature of the prior crime and other circumstances.

When a store protects its customers from crime by providing security guards, it not only fulfills its duty to its customers, it can also helps make the surrounding neighborhood safer. The most effective - and proper - security measure is hiring off-duty police officers to protect the premises. They will usually arrive at the premises in their squad car and park it in a highly visible part of the premises. This goal with visibility is deterrence, and deterrence is the main function of security. When a security officer is highly visible, it often deters crime in the surrounding area too.

If you or a loved one have been the victim of a crime at a business, your may have a right to compensation for any injuries or damages you sustained as a result. Please contact the office to speak to a knowledgeable Kansas City Personal Injury Attorney at any time to find out more. There is no charge for a consultation.