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Kansas City, MO Semi-truck Pedestrian Crash Highlights Need for Better Training and Supervision

The Kansas City Star recently published a story about a semi-truck tractor colliding with a pedestrian at the corner of Belmont Boulevard and Wilson Avenue. According to the article, on May 7, 2024, the truck cut the corner too close, causing the trailer to jump up onto the sidewalk and crash into a pedestrian and a telephone pole. The truck then fled the scene, leaving the pedestrian with critical injuries. As a lawyer who has been handling major truck crash cases in the Kansas City area for nearly 20 years, this crash highlights the need for better training and supervision of commercial motor vehicle drivers. Let’s look at how:

Semi-truck Driver Monitoring

A solid training and supervision program for any commercial motor vehicle driver should include monitoring the driver’s habits. Technology to monitor a commercial truck’s speed, braking, steering, and safety is readily available and cheap. Such technology is so ubiquitous that not having it is negligent. There is simply no excuse to not monitor your CMV drivers.

Training on Driving in Tight or Narrow Locations

Any training program for commercial drivers will include navigating in tight or narrow conditions. Such turns take time and attention. Without properly training to handle such turns, the driver risks cutting those turns too close or too wide. When this happens, crashes can occur.

Training on What to Do When a Crash Happens

Good training and supervision can help a commercial motor vehicle driver handle a crash with confidence and dignity. Without training on how to handle a crash, a driver may be more inclined to flee a scene rather than stay and own up. Good training and supervision can also encourage drivers to stay at the scene of a crash and help. This will go along way towards minimizing claims against drivers because a driver who stays and helps will appear less guilty than a driver who flees.

Injured in a Semi-Truck Crash? We Can Help.

The May 7 crash demonstrates the need for good training and supervision of commercial drivers. If you or a loved has been hurt in semi-truck crash and have questions on how to get money compensation for your injuries, please contact my firm. We specialize in truck crash cases and can maximize your recovery.

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