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Crash Involving Semis on I-70 Shows Need for Higher Insurance Limits

The Kansas City Star published an article a few weeks ago about a terrible crash on I-70 involving at least two semi-tractors and trailers. Unfortunately, one man identified as Robert T. Cox of Lenexa, died as a result. I don’t have any connection to this crash, but reading about this tragedy made me think again about the need for a law increasing the minimum insurance coverage for commercial vehicles. Having handled similar semi-tractor cases in the Kansas City area for almost 20 years, here’s why I think motor carriers should be required to carry more insurance.

Current Insurance Standards and Their Limitations

First, as of now, generally speaking, motor carriers are required to carry at least $750,000.00 in insurance. Most commercial motor vehicle carriers will only carry the minimum, meaning that the vast majority of semis on the road only have $750,000.00 in insurance.

Semi-tractor crashes can cause damage and loss far greater than $750,000.00. As shown in the KC Star article linked above, semi-tractor crashes can kill. They can also cause life-changing injuries that amount to a lifetime of loss. We’ve handled semi-tractor crash cases where our clients can no longer work, let alone do any of the things they love, like hunting, sports, or yardwork. Semi-tractors and trailers sometimes weigh in excess of 80,000 pounds. When driven at highway speeds, these vehicles can become weapons of mass destruction. Most crashes caused by semis cause damages in the millions.

Semi-Tractor Crashes and Recovery for Damages

Because of the magnitude of damage a semi-tractor and trailer can cause, commercial motor vehicle carriers should be required to carry insurance in the millions.

If you or a loved one has been hurt or killed in a semi-crash and you are concerned about a limited recovery, please contact our firm. We’ve handled many such cases and can help you navigate the difficult process of getting money compensation for your loss.

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