5 Things To Keep In Mind When Getting Medical Care After A Personal Injury Accident

1. Make sure you are specific when telling your doctor how you were injured. Be sure to get the facts right regarding the incident and make sure you tell your doctor that the incident caused your injuries. Insurance companies love to scour medical records looking for inconsistencies. Don't give them the chance by telling your doctor exactly how your injury happened.

2. Unless your doctor asks, don't mention that you have a personal injury case or that you have hired a lawyer. Again, this is one of those things an insurance company will seize on if they see it in your medical records and use against you. If they spot a notation in your medical records that indicates you told your doctor you are seeing a lawyer, they will use that to argue that your medical care is being orchestrated by your lawyer for purposes of your lawsuit only. It's none of your doctor's business whether you are seeing a lawyer or not and you shouldn't tell him or her.

3.Don't miss any appointments and do what your doctor recommends. Insurance companies will argue that your failure to make an appointment means you must not be as hurt as you say you are. If you have to miss an appointment, make sure you call and explain to your health care provider why you missed so that it will get documented in your medical records.

4. If you still hurt after a course of treatment, make sure you tell your doctor and ask what else can be done to help you. Accurately reporting your level of pain as you see your health care provider will help with your case. If the medical care you are receiving still doesn't help with your medical issue, don't be afraid to ask your doctor for a referral.

5. Keep a record of your appointments and hold on to any discharge instructions, medical bills, explanation of benefits or any other document you get from your health care provider or health insurance company. This will help your lawyer get a head start on working your case up.

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