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What to Do if You're a Victim of Medical Malpractice

Getting injured by a doctor or other health care professional because of their mistake can be devastating. What should be healing and getting better turns into injury and getting worse; like one step forward, two steps back. We have been handling medical malpractice cases in Missouri and Kansas for over a decade. When you suspect that you or a loved one have been the victim of medical malpractice, here are a few things we recommend.

Get your medical records.

A lawyer reviewing your case will need a copy of your medical records. Therefore, we advise you get them as soon as you suspect malpractice. You should get your medical records as soon as possible because an unscrupulous doctor may alter your medical records to cover up malpractice. Getting them as soon as possible minimizes this risk.

Switch doctors if possible.

It doesn’t look good to continue to see a doctor you are accusing of malpractice. That fact can be used by a savvy defense lawyer to paint your case as disingenuous. If possible, you should switch doctors if you suspect yours of malpractice. If its not possible, make sure you have proof that you could not switch.

Act fast.

Medical malpractice cases have short statutes or limitations (time limits). In Missouri, generally speaking you have two years to bring a medical malpractice case. Although that may seem like a long time, it can take a long time to prepare a medical malpractice case for filing. A lot of work must be done before you file a medmal lawsuit. Give you and your lawyer plenty of time to prepare the case so you’re not scrambling or out of luck.

If you have questions about medical malpractice cases in Missouri or Kansas, or would like to set up a free consultation about a potential medmal case, please don’t hesitate to contact my firm.

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