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Personal Injury Cases Against Dollar Tree

The New York Times recently published an article about Dollar Tree’s subsidiary Family Dollar getting fined a record $41.675 million for food safety issues. Specifically, the Food and Drug Administration found a significant rat infestation at a Family Dollar distribution warehouse. The infestation caused products regulated by the FDA to be contaminated with rat feces, urine, and dead and decaying rats. These products were shipped to Family Dollar stores and sold to the public.

Risks Posed by Rat Infestation

This rat infestation creates tremendous risk of injury from Dollar Tree’s affected products. Consuming rat feces, urine, or dead rats poses the risk of serious harm and illness. Such an incident would likely give the victim a right to pursue a product liability claim against Dollar Tree. Such a case would likely be bigger than most product liability claims due to Dollar Tree’s recklessness and the fine by the FDA.

Premises Liability Concerns

In addition to product liability claims, Dollar Tree and Family Dollar cases also arise from the overabundance of products causing trip hazards in the store and the lack of concerned employees to clear such trip hazards. Products or storage carts in the aisles is a big problem at Dollar Tree and Family Dollar stores. They create trip hazards. Anyone who trips on such items likely has a valid premises liability claim against Dollar Tree.

If you or a loved one have been injured at a Dollar Tree or Family Dollar store, I strongly suggest you contact an attorney. There’s a good chance you have a claim for money compensation.

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