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What Makes a Multi-Million Dollar Case?

At Meyerkord, Russell, & Hergott, we have been fortunate to have several multi-million dollar cases in our decade-plus history. From medical malpractice to trucking cases, large verdicts or settlements can happen in any case. Using our experience and wisdom, I would like to share what I’ve seen as the main ingredients to a multi-million dollar case.

Significant injuries or death

Generally speaking, the amount of money you get in a personal injury case is directly related to how hurt you are. The more injured you are, the more money it takes to compensate, or make up for, the injuries. On the contrary, if you are not that hurt, you are likely not going to get very much money compensation.

The defendant’s ability to pay

In order to collect millions of dollars in compensation, the negligent party must have the ability to pay. This can usually only be possible if the at-fault party has a large insurance policy, or enough assets to satisfy a large judgment. Without the ability to pay, you won’t be able to collect millions of dollars in compensation.

The egregiousness of the negligence

Another significant factor in getting millions of dollars in compensation is how bad the negligence party’s conduct was. Typically the worse the conduct, the greater the value of the case. This factor is not essential to a multi-million dollar case, but it certainly helps. The threat of a large verdict usually drives the at-fault defendant or its insurance carrier to pay big money. That threat is not so great when the conduct is subtle or a simple mistake.

Think you have a case?

In our experience as personal injury lawyers in Kansas City with several multi-million dollar cases, these factors are what we usually see in our big cases. If you think you have a million dollar case and are looking for lawyer, please consider our firm. Contact us for a free consultation. We know what it takes to get you big compensation.

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