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Injured at the Chiefs Rally? Here Are Your Options

The Kansas City Star recently published an article about the legal liability for Chiefs victory rally on February 14, 2024. The article discussed several options for victims of the shooting to get money compensation for their injuries. Although well-researched and with quotes from two of the best personal injury lawyers in the area, the article misses some possible claims for victims. Our firm has handled many shooting cases and have found ways to get money compensation for our clients in such cases. Here are a few more options that I see for these victims:

Negligent entrustment.

This is when someone gives another person something dangerous and the person doesn’t know how to property use the dangerous thing. It would apply here if the shooters borrowed the guns from someone else and that someone else knew or should have known the shooters did not know how to properly use the gun. This type of claim would also likely be covered under an individual’s homeowner’s insurance, if they had it.

The Tort Victim’s Compensation Fund.

If the shooters had no insurance or way to pay a judgment, then a victim could make a claim under Missouri’s Tort Victim’s Compensation Fund. I’ve written about such claims in the past. These claims have their own drawbacks and limitations, but would be a viable option for compensation for these shooting victims.

If you were a victim of the shooting at the Chiefs rally, or if you have questions about your rights, please don’t hesitate to contact my firm.

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