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How To Finalize A Car Crash Case Quickly

Car crashes – even small ones – can cause huge financial holes in your life. The injuries, doctor’s appointments, and missed work can quickly deplete any financial reserves you may have had. These can leave you scrambling for compensation from the at-fault driver’s insurance company. While some things, like your medical treatment, can’t be rushed in a car crash case, there are things you can do to speed up your financial recovery. Here are some of those things that we have discovered over the years and from handling hundreds of car crash cases in the Kansas City area.

Attend All Doctor’s Appointments Promptly

Attend all of your doctor’s appointments without delay. Since you shouldn’t settle your case until you’ve finished treatment, attending all of your appointments will help speed up your case. It is difficult enough to get an early doctor’s appointment, so missing one will cause an exponential delay in the resolution of your car crash case. Plus, diligently attending your appointments sends the message that your injuries are serious and will usually increase the value of your case.

Gather Records Immediately

Get records immediately. Gathering the records to prove your case takes time, especially since you’ll have to cut through some serious red tape to get them. Getting medical records, crash reports, and police videos usually involves some kind of bureaucratic process. Starting that process as early as possible will help speed up the process.

Set Clear Deadlines

Have clear and unmoving deadlines. After you’ve been released from treatment and you have all of the records you need to make a settlement demand, be sure to have clear, fair, and explicit deadlines. Furthermore, spell out clear consequences for missing your deadlines and carry out those consequences if the deadlines are missed. This will help prevent your case from falling through the cracks and can speed things up.

Using these pointers can speed up your car crash case, but it's not guaranteed to go quickly. Insurance companies usually try to delay paying car crash claims and will do everything in their power to pay you as little money as possible. If you’re case is stuck and you need to lawyer up, please contact my firm. We have over a decade of experience with car crash cases and have learned how to push insurance companies’ buttons.

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