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Understanding Teen Car Crash Cases: Insights from a Missouri Personal Injury Lawyer

The Kansas City Star recently published an article about the risks of teenaged drivers. The article included alarming statistics about teen driving. Specifically, it said, “Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death among teens ages 16 to 19, with a fatal crash rate three times higher than drivers ages 20 and over.” The article also highlighted Missouri’s second-to-last place for U.S. teen driver safety. As a personal injury lawyer who has specialized in Missouri car crash cases for nearly 18 years, I have handled plenty of crash cases involving teens. Here are a few unique aspects of teen car crash cases that I think you should know.

Legal Standards for Teen Drivers in Missouri

In Missouri, all drivers, including teens, must use the highest degree of care behind the wheel. Some people may want to give a teenager a pass if he or she causes a crash, but the law does not recognize such a thing. Teenagers learning to drive are held to the same standard as experienced drivers.

Insurance Coverage for Teen Drivers

Teen drivers are almost always covered under their parents’ insurance policies. Even if the teen is not listed as an insured under the policy, if he or she was given permission to use the car, then their parents’ insurance policy should cover the loss. There may be exceptions to this rule, like when a teenager takes a parent’s car without permission. But generally speaking, the coverage on the car applies.

Determining the Seriousness of Injuries in Teen Car Crash Cases

When a teenager is the victim of a car crash, it should be determined whether their injuries are permanent. This is because a teenager has a lot of life to live, and therefore, their damages should require a lifetime worth of compensation if their injuries are permanent. This can dramatically increase the value of a teenager’s car crash case.

If you’ve been in a crash with a teenager or are a teenager who was hit by someone else, please consider contacting us. At Meyerkord, Russell & Hergott, we have the experience and knowledge to maximize your recovery.

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