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Options for Money Compensation from Crashes at Dangerous Intersections

NPR published a story recently about the most dangerous intersections in Kansas City. The article mentions several intersections throughout Kansas City and notes the high number of the pedestrian, bike, and car crashes that happen at each intersection. As a personal injury lawyer in Kansas City handling crash cases for over 15 years, I thought I’d offer some help to anyone injured at one of these intersections.

What are your options for compensation for your injuries if you are hurt at one of these intersections?

The best option to recover monetary compensation from injuries occurring at one of these dangerous intersections is from the driver who caused the crash. A dangerous intersection does not excuse negligence. In fact, when driving through one of these intersections, drivers should be extra careful and pay extra attention. If they don’t and as a result, you get hurt, they are liable for your injuries and must pay you monetary compensation.

Another option would be to make a claim against Kansas City stemming from their knowledge that the intersection is dangerous. There are certain requirements for these types of claims against the City, so be sure to read my past blogs about those. Particularly, those cases have a time limit of 90 days to make a claim. You also have to show the City knew the intersection was dangerous with enough time to have fixed the dangerous condition.

Finally, you may be able to make a claim under your own insurance policy. If the driver who caused the crash was not insured or did not have enough insurance to compensate you, there may be coverage for you under your own insurance policy. I’ve written about these types of cases, so check out my past blog on those. Called uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage cases, they are against your own insurance company and are contractual in nature.

These are a few options to recover monetary compensation from crashes at these dangerous intersections. Hopefully, you won’t need to make such a claim, but if you do, please consider my law firm. We have extensive experience with such claims and will be glad to help.