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Attorney Nick Hergott Featured on the KCMBA Podcast

Attorney Nick Hergott was recently featured on the Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association’s podcast, “In Re KCMBA”. Nick got the opportunity to share his background and his role as the president of the Solo Practitioner and Small Firm Section (SSF) of the KCMBA.

“I think joining the KCMBA can be a catalyst to really getting to know a lot of people who you're going to be working with here in Kansas City,” Nick said.

Nick went on to share his KCMBA journey before becoming SSF President. “I first started in the Bar Leadership Academy and joined YLS (Young Lawyers Section). That’s something I think is really important and one of the most exciting sections of KCMBA is the Young Lawyers Section. For the new people, it’s an awesome social experience and introduction into the corporate world.”

The Solo Practitioner and Small Firm Section promotes small firms and solo practitioners, increases their visibility within the legal profession, improves their ability to serve a varied client base, and promotes and encourages their interaction with other small firms and solo practitioners.

Nick gave a little more detail about those who are involved in this section. “All of us come from various backgrounds. At our heart, most of us were very independent entrepreneurs and I find a lot of us just wanted to craft our own way to move through this world.”

Nick also shared his thoughts on how to engage in the practice of law in a positive way to find fulfillment in life.

“Great lawyers, we see the problem in everything, it’s our job. But we aren’t always great about how we react to that. For me, I found if I wasn’t intentional about my positivity about my practice, it was a challenge. It takes a lot of positivity and a lot of being present with who you’re with to overcome that. I’ve shared that with a lot of people, and I’ve had a lot of people say, I thought I was alone.”

He went on to say, “that’s part of my goal with the Solo and Small Firm Section, to provide some opportunities to share those stories and give folks some resources, so we can better help them with their practice.”

Listen to the whole podcast to hear what else Nick had to say on the In Re KCMBA website here.