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Premises Liability Cases: 3 Best Pieces of Evidence

As personal injury lawyers in Kansas City, we have handled hundreds of premises liability cases. Here are three of the best pieces of evidence we have found throughout the years. These facts turned our cases from good to great.

1. Hundreds of other similar incidents.

In all of our premises liability cases, we ask for evidence of other similar incidents. Defendants always fight these or purposefully limit their responses to only a few. In one case, the defendant lied about the number of other similar incidents. We discovered the lie through third-party records. When confronted with the lie, the defendant decided to settle.

2. Video evidence.

The best proof you slipped or fell is a video. Getting video, however, can be challenging. We always ask for a copy of the video. If the defendant refuses or opposes the request, then we know the video is good for our clients and bad for them. In fact, in one slip and fall case we had, the defendant retailer decided to settle rather than give up the video.

3. Defendant’s knowledge of the defect.

If the people running the place you fell knew about the hazard but chose not to fix it, then they are in trouble. If you can further show the defendant knew the thing you slipped or tripped on was dangerous, they could be liable for punitive damages. Evidence showing this is very powerful in premises liability cases.

These are but a few of the pieces of evidence we have found to be powerful and helpful for our premises liability clients. If you or a loved one has slipped or tripped on some defect on someone else’s property, please consider calling our firm.