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More Trials Cancelled in Kansas City

The Jackson County Circuit Court recently cancelled jury trials for the weeks of January 10 and 18 due to the increased spread of the coronavirus. Early in the pandemic, the court established guidelines for the resumption of jury trials. These were tied to the rate of the spread of the coronavirus. When the rate of spread of the virus decreased enough, the court began resuming jury trials, but with limitations for distancing.

The decrease of the spread of the virus was most likely related to the release of the coronavirus vaccination as well as lock down, masking, and distancing. Vaccinations help decrease the spread of the virus. Decreasing the spread of the virus increases the chances we can resume jury trials.

Jury trials are a constitutional right and our system of justice can’t work without them. As a personal injury lawyer who does jury trials, I see many people who are getting hurt because of someone else’s negligence having a difficult time getting money compensation from their wrongdoer. Please do your part to ensure all of us can exercise our right to a trial by jury and get vaccinated, wear a mask, and follow distancing and lockdown guidelines. This will help injured people hold their wrongdoers accountable.