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The Most Common Type of Hazard in Premises Liability Cases

We are personal injury lawyers in Kansas City and have come to understand certain types of cases throughout our combined 40 plus years of experience. One of those types of cases is premises liability. These cases stem from a danger on someone’s property. When the property owner knows or should have known about the danger and someone gets hurt because of it, the property owner is liable for the injuries and damages. Here are the most common types of dangers we have seen in our years handling these types of cases.

Trip hazards. These cases often stem cracks, ledges, or objects in the walking areas of stores, apartment complexes, and businesses. We often get calls about cracks or gaps in concrete walkways. These can develop by water getting into the walkway and freezing, causing the concrete or other material to break apart. Since they usually develop over time, the property owner either knows about it or at least should know about it. These cracks pose trip hazards, especially in areas where people are expected to look up at store merchandise or to avoid other pedestrians or cars.

Slip hazards. These cases stem from slippery substances in walkways. The most common type of slip hazard we see is ice, but it can also be spilled substances like oil, beverages, or food. Proving the property owner knew or should have known about the slippery substance can be a little more difficult to prove than other types of premises cases. This is because these substances don’t often stick around for long. Ice melts, water evaporates, and (ideally) spilled substances get cleaned up.

Criminals. These cases stem from someone who commits a crime or other harmful act on someone else’s property that the property owner knew or should have known about. If that person hurts someone, and the property owner knew it might happen but didn’t do anything about it, then the property owner is liable for the injuries or damages.

There are many other types of hazards on a property that can injure someone and lead to a premises liability claim. If you’ve been hurt because of one of these hazards, please feel free to contact our firm. We have years of experience with these types of cases and offer free consultations.