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Random Tips for Car Crash Cases

As personal injury lawyers in the Kansas City area, we handle a lot of car crash cases in our firm. Over the years, we’ve developed tips and tricks that we use to help increase the value of these cases. Here are a few.

If you’re hurt, tell the responding officer at the scene of the crash.

Even if you choose not to go to the hospital or take the ambulance, telling the responding officer that you are hurt will increase the chances that the officer will write it into the crash report. If you don’t, the officer may write in the report that you did not suffer injury or that you refused medical treatment. This will be used against you if you later find out that you are hurt and seek medical treatment. The at-fault driver’s insurance company or their lawyer will claim you are lying about your injuries if the police report doesn’t say you were hurt.

Always check the area for cameras that could have caught the crash on video.

A lot of cars have dash cameras nowadays, but if they don’t, there’s a good chance there’s a camera nearby that caught the crash on film. Some government intersection cameras in Kansas City record footage that can be obtained through a Sunshine Law request. If the crash happened in an area with a lot of businesses, there’s a good chance the crash was caught on their surveillance cameras. It’s always worthwhile to visit the area of a crash to look for cameras that might have caught it.

Request a copy of the police report early and make sure there aren’t any mistakes.

Police officers are busy people and can make mistakes when filling out a crash report. Because of this, its important to get a copy of the crash report early and read it very carefully. If you notice any mistakes with the report, request a change from the police department right away. This can prevent any mistake in the report from being taken as true by an insurance company and shows you are concerned for the truth in your crash.

These are but a few of the random tips and tricks we’ve developed over the years handling car crash cases. If you need help with your car crash case, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. You can reach us at 816-867-8611.