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How to Determine if a Business has a Crime Problem

The duty to protect customers from criminal acts arises out of notice. If the business knows or has reason to know that such acts are being committed or are reasonably likely to be committed in a particular area of the premises, then it must take reasonable steps to prevent that crime and protect its customers from it. There are several way a business can be put on notice of potential crime. Here are the most common.

The nature of the event. Special events that draw a lot of people to a business create the need for additional security, especially if the event serves alcohol. Any time you get a large gathering of people in one place, you increase the chances of criminal or harmful acts. Add alcohol, and the odds increase exponentially. For example, if an otherwise benign and peaceful venue hosts a special event, open to the public, and serves alcohol, they need to provide at lest some sort of crowd control and limit alcohol service. If they don’t, and a fight breaks out and someone gets hurt, then the venue is responsible for the harm.

Prior crime. If a business has been the site of prior violent crime, then they are required to do something to prevent that crime and protect customers from it. A convenience store in a rough part of town may have had several carjackings or robberies. If that’s the case, then they must add uniformed security or something similar to try and prevent that crime and to protect customers from injuries from those crimes.

These are just two examples of when a business can have a crime problem. Many others exist. If you’ve been the victim of a crime at a business, and have questions about whether you are entitled to money compensation from that business, please don’t hesitate to contact out firm at 816.867.8611.