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3 Most Common Places for Crime Victim Cases

Over the years, our personal injury firm has handled many crime victim cases. These are premises liability cases against a property owner when the property has a crime problem or the owner knew about a potential crime but didn’t do anything. Here are the 3 most common properties we’ve had crime victim cases against.

Apartment complexes.

These cases often stem from an apartment owner’s failure to properly secure their property, like having locked and secure apartment buildings and keeping security guards on site. We most often see these failures in low-income housing complexes where the owner is incentivized to cut costs and maximize profits.

Gas stations and convenience stores.

The in-and-out nature of these places – where a lot of people come and go quickly – often make them targets for opportunistic criminals. Perpetrators find customers of such places easy prey if the property has no security measures. As such, the businesses are wise to have proper security measures in place to deter crimes of opportunity.

Bars and nightclubs.

When you add alcohol to any large gathering of people, the chance of violent crime increases. This requires additional security and oversight by the bar or nightclub owner. One problem we run into with these cases is the bar or nightclub’s insurance policy often excludes claims from assaults, which makes collecting a judgment or obtaining money compensation difficult.

Many other types properties can have crime problems, but these are the most common in our experience. If you have a question about a crime victim case, please don’t hesitate to contact our office at 816.867.8611. We have developed a niche with these cases and can help.