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“Dog Bite” Cases that Don’t Require a Dog Bite

Most people think a personal injury case involving a dog must mean the dog bit someone. However, in our experience handling such cases for over fifteen years in Missouri and Kansas, not all “dog bite” cases involve dog bites.

An injury from a dog on the loose can occur even when the dog doesn’t bite anyone. Although not technically “dog bites” these cases still stem from the same rule-breaking event. Missouri and Kansas, as well as many cities in these states, have leash laws that require dogs be contained or kept on a leash. When this rule is broken, the harm that can happen varies widely.

A dog on the loose can cause injury even if it is the most friendly dog on the planet. I’ve had a case where a friendly dog got loose, jumped up onto my client to lick him, and caused our client to fall and break his leg. An injury from a loose dog can also occur if the person is afraid of dogs. I’ve handled a case where a loose dog ran up to my client who was deathly afraid of them, causing him to back away quickly and trip on a sidewalk, falling and fracturing his arm.

Not only can you have a “dog bite” case without a bite, but you can have one without a dog. Again, not technically a “dog bite” case, these cases still stem from the same set of rules requiring pet-owners keep their pets under control. I’ve written about chimpanzees and pot-bellied pigs on the loose. These are some of the animals that could cause injury if they are not under control.

If you’ve suffered injury from a loose dog or other pet, whether you’ve been bitten or not, please contact our firm. We have years of experience with these types of cases and can answer any questions you have and help you get money compensation.