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Hit-and-Run Car Crashes in KC

As personal injury attorneys in Kansas City, we handle a lot of car crash cases. Oftentimes when people get hit by a careless driver, that driver flees the scene, or the driver stays but reveals that they do not have car insurance. This happens a lot more often than many people think. If you find yourself in that unlucky situation, here are a few things you can do to help your case.

First and foremost, immediately seek medical attention if you need it.

Your health and wellbeing is more important that anything else, including your car crash case. Seeking medical attention immediately in fact helps your case because it shows you were hurt enough to require immediate medical attention. Waiting to go to the doctor until after you talk to a lawyer or your insurance company will cause the carrier to discount your injuries and pay you less money compensation.

Call the police and get a crash report.

This provides an outside source of information to shore up your car crash claim. Even if you have to report it after you left the scene, it still establishes basic information about the crash and is hard to discount or discredit. The responding officer will also note on the crash report that the at-fault driver fled the scene or did not have insurance. This lets you get the ball rolling on a claim for compensation from your own carrier.

Notify your insurance carrier.

Missouri law requires insurance carriers provide at least $25,000.00 in coverage if you get hit by someone who flees the scene or who doesn’t have insurance. Your own insurance will provide this coverage. It may not seem fair that you have to make a claim on your own policy when the crash was not your fault, but its better than getting no compensation. Furthermore, Missouri rules prohibit an insurance carrier from raising your rates if you make a claim and the crash was not your fault.

God forbid you are in a crash and the at-fault driver flees the scene or does not have insurance. But if it happens, please keep these things in mind.

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