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Coronavirus Pandemic and KC Jury Trials Update

Since our law firm exclusively handles personal injury cases in Missouri and Kansas, we sometimes have to take our cases to trial to get full and fair money compensation to our clients. Because of this, we have been keeping close track of closures and limitations on courtrooms in the area. The resumption of jury trials is tied to the spread of the virus. If the spread goes down enough, jury trials can resume. Here is a brief update on the status of jury trials in some of our local courthouses.

In Jackson County, both circuit courthouses are currently in Phase One. This means no in-person court hearings and no jury trials. This stems from an order from the presiding judge of Jackson County. Regarding jury trials, the order states, “All jury trials scheduled from the date of this Order through February 28, 2021 are hereby continued and will be rescheduled to a later date by the judicial officer presiding over each said case.”

In Platte County, the circuit courthouse is operating in Phase One, meaning no jury trial currently. The most recent order form the presiding judge, dated December 31, 2020, states, “Jury trials are hereby cancelled through March 28, 2021…. Beginning March 29, 2021, jury trials may be held by the judge presiding over the case. Jury trials will be conducted in compliance with social distancing protocols and in conformance with any Missouri Supreme Court Orders or Directives.”

In Clay County, the status is exactly the same as Platte County. Currently operating in Phase One, the Clay County Courthouse has suspended jury trials through March 28, 2021. The most recent administrative order from the presiding judge reads the same as the order from Platte County’s presiding judge regarding the resumption of jury trials on March 29, 2021.

In Johnson County, Kansas, the district courthouse is also operating in Phase One. In his most recent administrative order, the presiding judge wrote, “The Court has continued all jury trials until at least April 2021, at the earliest. In our most recent consultation with local health officials, we discussed the possibility of the community incidence rate dropping to a level low enough for the Court to resume jury trials. It does not appear likely that this will happen before Kansas is well into Phase II of the Vaccination Plan.”

I hope this helps you understand the status of jury trials in our local courthouses. We will continue to monitor these venues and will post another blog with any new information.