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A Sexual Abuse Case is a Crime Victim Case

Crime victim cases are similar to premises liability cases in that they require property owners to address dangers to visitors. Just like a store must clean water off the floor within a reasonable time, it must also address any crime problems. If a store knows or should know that crime is happening on its property, it must protect its customers and visitors from that crime. Those crimes can be of any kind, including sexual abuse and harassment.

For example, if a business or property owner has an employee it knows is harassing people, then that company must take steps to prevent the harassment. If it doesn’t, and as a result a customer or visitor to its property gets harassed, then the business can be responsible for harm and damages caused by the harassment.

As with any crime victim cases, the key to a successful case is notice. The more you can establish the business or property owner knew or should have known about the harassment or abuse, the better the case. In fact, Missouri has a statute for crime victim cases that states:

“There is no duty upon a business to guard against criminal acts or harmful acts on the premises unless the business knows or has reason to know that such acts are being committed or are reasonably likely to be committed in a particular area of the premises and sufficient time exists to prevent such crime or injury.”

Be sure to take this into account when considering a sexual abuse or harassment claim against a business or property owner.

These case allow money compensation to sexual abuse or harassment victims if the elements are met. If you’ve been the victim of these heinous acts and want to know if you have the right to money compensation, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time. As Kansas City personal injury lawyers, we’ve handled many such cases in the area and can help you navigate the legal process.