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Pro Tips for Doctor’s Appointments in Personal Injury Cases

As Kansas City personal injury lawyers handling cases for injured clients for over ten years, we’ve developed several tips and pointers for our clients who are still feeling the effects of their injuries. These tips help increase the validity of our clients' injuries and help make their cases better. Here are a few of the tips we give our clients when they have ongoing medical needs.

Go see a doctor. If your injuries are continuing to cause you pain, discomfort, or limitation, get medical treatment. Whether it’s a doctor’s appointment, urgent care visit, or even an emergency room visit if warranted, having a medical record of your ongoing issues will greatly help your case. It creates a record of your issues and proves that you are still suffering from your injuries. Don’t be stubborn and suffer through it. Get medical help.

Be honest about your issues with your doctor. Many people when they suffer injury tend to push through it and not complain or make an issue of their problems. While this may seem honorable and tough, it does not accurately reflect your health. In order to get full and fair compensation for your injuries, personal injury lawyers like me need an honest assessment of those injuries. One of the best ways to get that is from your doctors and your medical records. Even though it may feel like complaining, do not sugarcoat the effect your injuries have had on you when talking to your doctors.

Periodically get a copy of your medical records. Doctors and their staff are humans and humans make mistakes. These mistakes can make their way into your medical records and then into the hands of the insurance company and their lawyers. They will try and use those mistakes against you. To prevent that from happening, get your records early and check to make sure they are correct.

These are but a few of the tips we’ve developed in our years of handling personal injury cases in the Kansas City area. If you’ve been hurt from someone else’s negligence and have questions about your case, please do not hesitate to contact my law firm.