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Hyundai Shouldn’t Normalize Distracted Driving

Hyundai released a new advertisement showcasing its lane departure technology by depicting a driver drifting over a lane because she was distracted by her phone. As a personal injury lawyer who handles many distracted driving car crash cases, and as someone who advocates against distracted driving, I wanted to share my perspective on this approach.

Although phone distraction has unfortunately become ubiquitous in our culture, and although this technology may in fact help prevent crashes, selling it by showing distracted driving is wrong.

This is because such type of behavior should not be normalized. We shouldn’t drive distracted and it shouldn’t be what we portray as the standard. I think for a corporation to portray it as such, despite being unfortunately accurate, sends the wrong message. Some could take the message to be that its OK to drive distracted because we have this technology that makes it possible.

Technology is important in preventing collisions and can help lessen the harm from distracted driving, but it should not be viewed as an authorization to drive distracted. It should be portrayed as protecting us from someone else’s distracted driving. Showing the other driver as distracted, and the technology protecting you from them seems like it would both discourage distracted driving and help sell your product.

For the good of all of us, please put the phone down and keep your eyes on the road.

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