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Fatal Car Crashes on the Rise in Kansas City

The Kansas City Police Department recently tweeted that as of October 5, 2020, there has been a 54% increase in the number of people killed in car crashes since last year. This is a staggering increase in needless deaths. Practicing personal injury law in Kansas City for over 10 years, I’d like to offer my take as to the possible reason why this is happening. This is by no means a scientific take; it’s just the opinion of a lawyer who often handles car crash death cases.

The proliferation of the mobile phone is one of the leading causes.

I’ve written about phone distraction aplenty, but I think its important to point out that phone use while driving is constantly increasing. The problem is not getting better; its getting worse. More people are deciding to use their phone while driving instead of fewer. This ever-increasing problem is no doubt leading to increased crashes and deaths.

The erosion of personal responsibility, and the normalization of avoiding it, have led to an increase in traffic deaths.

We’re living in an era where it seems like the acceptable thing to do is flaunt the rules and create needless danger. People are likely to think it easier to get away with breaking driving rules when part of the country is burning and civil unrest is spreading. Maybe my sense here is off, but this viewpoint seems to match with an increase in dangerous driving and an increase in traffic deaths.

I think the combination of how easy it is to use your phone while driving, plus the general sense of irresponsibility is what’s behind the catastrophic rise in traffic deaths this year. Thankfully, we still have the civil justice system to hold wrongdoers accountable for breaking the rules and to deter them from reckless driving in the future.

For the good of all of us, please put the phone down and keep your eyes on the road.