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Motorcycle Safety During a Pandemic

Motorcycle Safety During a Pandemic. Those are words I never imagined typing. But here we are. May is National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. Right now in Kansas City, the weather is getting nicer by the day and people are just emerging from their month’s long lockdown. This means that riders are hitting the pavement in droves. With speeding on the rise, the dangers of the road will give these riders particular problems this year.

For you riders hitting the road this month, here are a few suggestions from a Kansas City personal injury lawyer on how to protect yourself from negligent drivers.

Get as much underinsured motorist coverage as possible.

  • This protects you if you get hit by someone who doesn’t have enough insurance. From my experience, the drivers who make bad decisions on the road also make bad decisions with their finances, and don’t get the insurance coverage they should for their poor driving. Underinsured motorist coverage makes up for that.

Be as visible as possible on the road.

  • Distracted driving is rampant and you are certain to come across it on your motorcycle rides. Sticking out like a sore thumb will help catch the eye of drivers on their phones. It might not look cool, but noticeably colored clothes could save your life.

Use a mounted camera that records while you ride.

  • Again, drivers who choose to break the rules of the road and drive negligently tend also to be the ones to try and dodge responsibility for a crash. Video footage is one of the surest ways to hold negligent drivers accountable for their actions.

If you’re hitting the road this month in the Kansas City area, please drive carefully and protect yourself from negligent drivers. God forbid you do get in a crash, my firm would be happy to help you seek money compensation for your damages. Contact us at any time to learn more and for a free consultation.