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Looking for A New Year's Resolution? Make it No Phones While Driving

Happy New Year! Congratulations on making it to 20’s. With the new year and new decade comes the traditional new year’s resolution. This time around, to celebrate the beginning of a new decade, I humbly suggest a resolution that will be easy and will have a huge impact: no phones while driving.

Distracted driving is problem of epidemic proportions (I’ve written about that before here). It not only causes death and injuries, but costs a lot of money as well. The financial loss one suffers from a distracted driving crash can lead to bankruptcy and ruin. The good news is that its easy to prevent. Simply leave the phone alone and keep your eyes on the road.

How do you adhere to a resolution to leave your phone alone and keep your eyes on the road? There are plenty of things you can do to avoid the temptation. In this blog post, I’ve outlined 7 easy ways to stop driving distracted.

One easy idea? Let people trying to reach you know that you are driving by enabling the “do not disturb while driving” feature on your smart phone. You can even personalize the automatic response to tell them about your new year’s resolution.

As a Kansas City personal injury attorney who handles many distracted driving cases, I’ve seen first-hand how destructive it can be. You may think a quick peek at that text or that Instagram post is harmless, but all it takes is a kid darting out into the street after a ball or a runaway dog to prove otherwise.

Resolve to keep your eyes on the road and your phone out of your mind this year and you could save lives.

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