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Three Common Problems with Dog Bite Cases

Dog bite cases are generally pretty straightforward. Generally speaking, if you get bit by someone else’s dog, they are responsible for the injuries and damages. This is because state and local laws require dog owners to keep their dogs under control; either fenced in or on a leash. Since dog bites usually happen when the dog is out of control, its generally pretty easy to prove the owner was negligent and must pay money compensation. However, there are some things to look out for in dog bite cases. Here are a few.

1. No insurance.
The biggest problem we face with dog bite cases is when the owners don’t have insurance. Being a liability claim, most homeowners’ or renters’ insurance policies cover dog bite cases. This means that the dogs’ owners don’t generally pay the money compensation to the victim. Instead, the dog owners’ insurance company pays. But when the dog owner doesn’t have insurance, its typically too difficult to collect compensation because most people don’t have the assets to pay compensation for the injuries and damages caused by a dog bite.

2. Disclaims in coverage for dog bites.
In the same vein, another thing to look out for is whether the dog owners’ insurance policy disclaims coverage for the dog bite. Some homeowners’ or renters’ policies exclude coverage for dog bites. Some exclude coverage for bites from a certain type of dog, like a pit bull. It’s always important to get a copy of the dog owners’ insurance policy when you get bit to make sure the claim will be covered.

3. No scarring.
Another thing to look out for in dog bite cases is whether there’s any scarring. Typically there is, in which case we can get an estimate from a surgeon on the cost to fix the scar. We can include that amount in our demand for money compensation. However, if there is no scarring, then the damages may not be significant enough to justify the attorney’s fees and expenses.

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