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What We Look for in Our Personal Injury Clients

Our clients are our most valuable asset. Of all the factors that go into the value of a personal injury case, I think the client is one of the biggest. With the same injuries, a likeable client will get more money in a personal injury case than an unlikeable client. For this reason, we go to great lengths to keep our clients updated and counsel them on what to do to make their case better. Here are three of our biggest tips and pieces of advice to our clients.

1. Self-improvement.

Our clients have suffered tremendous injury and loss at the hands of negligent parties. These injuries can have a profound effect on these client’s lives. But how you choose to react to those injuries and losses makes a difference in the case.

Clients who, despite their injuries, are trying to make their lives better and not sitting around feeling sorry for themselves increase the value of their case. This is because juries don’t want to give out money to hopeless causes. They want to know the money they’re putting in the verdict will be put to good use. If you can show them you’re trying to make your life better, you will increase your chances at a bigger verdict.

2. Understand the wrongdoing.

When clients can clearly articulate what the defendant did wrong, their chances of making a recovery increase.

The defendant’s wrongdoing is what puts them (and their insurance carrier) on the hook for the damages. If the client doesn’t understand the wrongdoing, or the rules that were broken that caused their injuries, they are less likely to make a recovery. A client should be able to say what the defendant did wrong.

3. Know the risks.

A jury verdict is never guaranteed and going to court is risky. A client should understand this and take this into account when negotiating a settlement. You could have the greatest case in the world and be as prepared as possible, but you could lose at trial for any reason. Because of this, a client should always try to be reasonable during negotiations.

Clients can make or break a case. Knowing that, these are but a few things we look for in our clients.

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