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Section 8 Housing Injuries Can Lead To Possible Claim for Compensation

Federal law requires low-income housing properties be maintained in safe, decent, and sanitary conditions. However, section 8 landlords often fail in this duty because the lower their overhead, the more money they make. This incentivizes them to cut corners, which often leads to unsafe conditions.

One of the ways low-income housing facilities save money is by having fewer maintenance workers. The landlord tries to maximize his profits by saving money on maintenance worker salaries, which leaves the maintenance worker still on-the-job spread even thinner. This can prevent him from fixing tripping hazards or clearing snow. This leads to a greater risk of injury for the tenants.

Cost-cutting can also lead to fewer repairs to broken walkways and fewer replacements of broken equipment. For example, concrete deteriorates over time. It cracks and crumbles and after a while, needs to he replaced. A low-income housing property landlord may choose to ignore it because of the high cost to replace or repair. This would expose tenants to a tripping hazard.

The way a section 8 landlord maximizes profits explains why oftentimes his properties are unsafe, not decent, and unsanitary.

Getting injured due to unsafe conditions can lead to a possible claim for compensation if there was some form of negligence on the part of the owner. Contact Meyerkord, Russell & Hergott to learn more and for a free consultation at (816) 867-8611.