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Why Is Texting While Driving Still Allowed in Missouri?

In January of last year, the Kansas City Star’s editorial board wrote a piece about there being no law prohibiting texting while driving for Missouri drivers over the age of 21. This article is entitled, “Texting while driving can kill. Why is it still allowed on Missouri roads?” It was an excellent article, and I agree with all its points. But, why is texting while driving still allowed on Missouri roads?

Is it because we value our freedom and don’t want the government telling us what to do? Driving is a privilege, not a right; a privilege that comes with great responsibility. Our lives depend on our fellow drivers following basic, common sense rules. Because of this, driving must be regulated and should be taken away from those who refuse to follow the rules that keep us safe.

Is it because we love our phones too much? Then learn to love the real world. Learn to value the time spent away from your phone and disconnected from other people. Understand that life can be better – and safer – if your attention is in the here and now in the real world. The dopamine rush you get from the latest feed on your phone is not worth the risk we face from it on our roads.

Is it because we think we’re invincible and would never do anything unsafe while looking at our phone for a quick moment while driving? You may be certain you’ll see that car in time if you just take a glance at your phone, but what about that ball that bounced into the street? Or that little dog that got away? Are you sure you’ll catch that with just a glance at your phone?

The real answer to the question in the title of the Kansas City Star’s article is that there is no good reason, and we know it. Please just leave the phone alone and keep your eyes on the road.

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