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Kansas City Pedestrian-Car Crashes on the Rise

In February, KSHB Kansas City reported on a rise of car-on-pedestrian crashes in the metropolitan area. Using information from the Kansas City Police Department, the article states there were 360 pedestrian-involved car crashes in 2018, the highest number in four years. The article discusses some of the things the city is doing to reduce these kinds of car crashes.

As a Kansas City personal injury attorney specializing in car crash cases, who also enjoys walking the streets of Kansas City, here are my suggestions on how to avoid becoming one of those statistics.

If there is one, always use a crosswalk. If you get hit by a car crossing a street outside of a crosswalk, the insurance company for the driver of the car that hit you will blame you for your injuries and offer you less money compensation. This is true even if the crash was entirely the driver’s fault. Not only will it help your case if you get hit, it will also likely help prevent you from getting hit in the first place.

If possible, make eye contact with the driver before crossing the street. America is experiencing a distracted driving epidemic, and I bet many of the 360 pedestrian-involved car crashes in Kansas City last year were due to the driver being distracted by his or her phone. If you are trying to walk across a street, no matter where, it would be safe for you to assume that drivers on that street are looking at their phone and not you. Unless, and until, you have made eye contact with a driver to confirm he or she sees you, I would not cross the street. I recommend this despite the fact that, generally speaking, pedestrians have the right-of-way.

Walk in groups, if possible. One person is harder for a driver to see than two or more people. Walking in groups will increase the chances of a driver seeing you as a pedestrian and will help prevent you from getting hit in the streets.

If you need more tips on staying safe on our roads, visit our JustDriveKC page.

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