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Hold Section 8 Housing Accountable for Crime, Unsafe Conditions

What is Section 8 Housing?
Section 8 of the Code of Federal Regulations allows privately-owned housing complexes to rent to low-income individuals in exchange for government subsidies. So long as certain conditions are met, the private housing complex will receive government subsidies to make up for the decreased rent from the low-income tenants.

Why is Section 8 Housing Often Unsafe?
Although rules are in place to make sure the units are safe and livable, private housing companies have found ways to skirt the rules and lower their overhead, thereby maximizing their profits from the government subsidies. This leads to unsafe conditions.

The result is that many section 8 housing complexes are dangerous, crime-ridden, and dirty. This leads to people getting hurt or killed from crime, or injured from some kind of unsafe condition of the property. Although the section 8 housing rules may have failed these injured people, the civil justice system offers hope.

Section 8 Housing is Required to Keep People Safe
The same rules that apply to any other business – rules that require businesses to keep their customers and visitors safe from harm – can be used to obtain compensation from negligent section 8 housing complexes. Furthermore, section 8 rules require private housing complexes receiving government subsidies carry insurance.

If a section 8 housing complex has a crime problem and someone is injured on the property because of a crime, the housing complex is responsible for the harm. They must provide full and fair compensation to the injured individual and their insurance company, by virtue of their agreement with the housing complex, must pay the injured person.

Take Action if You Are Injured at a Section 8 Housing Complex
If you or someone you know has been injured at a section 8 housing complex because of a crime or other unsafe condition, please contact our firm at (816) 221-7555 for a free consultation. We may be able to help get compensation for the harm.