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Study Shows Drivers Use Phones On More Than 1/3 of Trips

Study Shows Drivers Use Phones On More Than 1/3 of Trips

Yet another study was released with some pretty gloomy data on distracted driving. Everqoute, makers of a safe driving app called EverDrive, analyzed data from the app and released it on an online study available here:

The authors concluded that 37% of trips included at least some significant phone usage while the car is moving. The average trip time for drivers who used their phones was 29 minutes. On average, they used their phones for 11% of their trip, or more than 3 minutes. They also concluded that features like Apple's "Do Not Disturb While Driving" can reduce phone use by as much as 8%.

Nearly every study I’ve seen has reached similar conclusions. This is yet another concluding study that shows us distracted driving is a problem of epidemic proportions.

One part of the study stood out to me, however. The authors discussed how the distracted driving epidemic is effecting our insurance premiums. They concluded that premiums are rising – among other things – because of the increased accidents and claims caused by distracted driving. The authors included a quote from the assistant vice president of a car insurance trade group that attributed driver’s using their smart phones to increased accident claims.

The distracted driving epidemic not only endangers us and our loved ones, it is also costing us money. The effects of distracted driving are inescapable no matter how safe we are. It won’t be until all drivers collectively decide that using your phone while driving is unacceptable that we can truly reduce the harm from this epidemic.

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