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Risk of Future Injuries

In the event of breaking rules or doing something wrong that leads to hurting someone, the person at fault will have to make up for the harm they cause. You break it, you buy it. But when you break someone’s body and cause them physical injury, the problems that come with that can be lifelong. When that happens, the person or business who caused the harm has to pay for the future problems too.

Let’s say, for example, someone is not paying attention on the road and causes a crash. The crash causes the person in the other car to break ankle bones and tear multiple ligaments. The doctor may be able to fix what is broken and mend the ligaments to get the ankle back to near as good as it was before, but because of the injuries the ankle is likely to develop arthritis and other problems in the future. Even though the problems are not around at the time the claim is made, the person who caused the crash must still provide compensation for treatment of those future problems.

Compensation for possible future problems is necessary because those problems would never be likely haad it not been for the rule-breaking or wrongdoing. Why should the victim of someone’s negligence be stuck with the cost of future medical care, even if it is just a possibility? They did not ask for that possibility. If you break it, you buy it - all of it.