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What Trial Lawyers Do

Thankfully, not very many people in the general public have ever had any interaction with a trial lawyer. Most people’s understanding of what a trial lawyer does is informed by the media, their friends and family, or someone other than a trial lawyer. Sometimes, people’s understanding of what a trial lawyer does is accurate; sometimes, it’s not. Regardless of what you’ve heard about trial lawyers, I’d like to explain in my own words what a trial lawyer does.

When we go about our normal lives and carry on our business as usual, we expect our fellow humans to conduct themselves in a safe manner and not put people in harm’s way. But sometimes people make mistakes, do bad or stupid things, or break the rules. And sometimes, when that happens, other people get hurt.

When someone gets hurt because of someone else’s wrongdoing, the person causing the harm is responsible for it. “You break, it you buy it.” Not only is the wrongdoer responsible for the harm, but he is responsible for ALL the harm. It’s not enough to pay a half-measure; the person breaking the rules or making the mistake must provide FULL compensation.

However, sometimes the people who break the rules or make the mistakes refuse to take responsibility for their actions, or refuse to pay for the harm their mistake caused. Thankfully, in our society, we have the right to file a lawsuit to make these people own up to their actions. A trial lawyer helps people harmed by someone else’s wrongdoing wade through the laws and rules of court to eventually hold the wrongdoer accountable and obtain compensation for their harms.

This is what I do as a trial lawyer.

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