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Driver Guide in Missouri Car Crash Cases

Missouri drivers are expected to follow the rules of the road. When they don’t, and as a result someone gets hurt, they are responsible for the harm. But what are the rules and where can we find them? Many rules are found in our state statutes and city ordinances, but most are compiled into the Missouri Department of Revenue’s driver guide.

The guide, found here, is designed to help people learn how to drive. It spells out very thoroughly the rules that driver’s must follow. Jay Nixon, the governor of Missouri, gives a preface in the guide that says, “Whether you’re driving on a country lane or an urban interstate, it’s essential you know the rules of the road. This guide, provided by the Missouri Department of Revenue, is an important resource, even for experienced drivers.” The guide provides rules for many different situations, and is updated periodically to include rules for new road construction, like roundabouts and diverging diamonds.

The guide is useful in car crash cases because if can establish whether the driver who caused a crash followed the rules. It can also tell us a driver’s competence by testing whether he or she knew about the rule and whether he or she agrees with it. A driver who doesn’t know about a rule of the road is sometimes more dangerous than a driver who knows the rules but breaks them.

Most judges will allow the rules to be used in car crash trials because they are published by the State. Even if the guide doesn’t get into evidence at trial, the defendant in a car crash case can be asked about the rules in the guide during his or her deposition. This testimony can then be used at trial to show the defendant broke the rules.

The Missouri Driver’s Guide is one resource we use to win our car crash cases. Please contact our law firm if you have questions about your car crash case.